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Leah's Blog

February – Its Love Month! 

Nurturing relationships

Whats you Love Story?

February 2023

February is a month of Celebration and a month of reflection in terms of special people in my life and for myself. This is my adoption month. My life turned a new leaf 39 years ago on February 14th. It seems not that long ago and yet, finally after some deep work this last year, my childhood feels far away where it used to always be just right at my fingertips it seemed. My Son was born 16 years ago on February 13th and what a gift he is to me. I had no idea the depth of love I could feel having a son. I won’t lie, it seems more vulnerable and tender than the love of my daughter and I am clear, my children are my grace in life, my greatest teachers and to date my greatest accomplishment. 

I also lost a friend whom I call brother February 12, 2016 and we lost his mother whom I have called Mom as well for 34 years in January 2022 and I lost a friend to murder February 15 2018 to which he was officially taken from life support on the 19th and gifted many people and 2 specifically 1 with his heart and another with his lungs. I share this because love is the way through all thing’s life dishes out. Love always finds a way even in some of life’s darkest hours, its love that is the light in the darkness. So, as I consider Valentines Day, it feels weird because its thought of to be the holiday for romance. I reflect and live with it in the simple light of love. I spend time considering how I love myself, how I love my husband, how I love my children, how I love my family and how I love my clients. How am I loving life?!

I may be alone in this type of reflection and introspection, however; what if each person took inventory of love, what does it mean and how it is expressed and felt? I have this imagination that we would be a more harmonious people. We would be a people that could let go of anger, forgive, allow expression, have a more easeful flow.

My wish for you is that love leads the way, it finds the way and it brings great joy to you; not just in February, in all the months of the year and all throughout your life! Let the commercialism be simply a reminder of and not the only time to. With so much going on in the world right now and not having a lot of control over aspects of the whole – Love is a way we can!

This is why I do this work, Massage, life coaching, energy balancing, holistic healing, its because I love deeply, and I seek freedom and joy for myself as well as for others. I know the potency of being witnessed, being seen, and held without judgement, held with love and appreciation. My story is my why. I love, loving people through their challenges. I know how to help you get to the other side. 

Happy New Year! Health – What is your plan to maintain or improve ​your Health in 2023?

Reaching New Levels with New Services

January 2023

 As I have been in deep contemplation here at the end of 2022 and into this first week of 2023, I am taking personal inventory of myself and what I like and what I would like to evolve or transform. I prefer the words evolve or transform over change because it has a more positive connotation, and it has greater depth and reach – The modification of words for me takes away good or bad or that something needs to be fixed. Everything is perfect in its entirety – really! 

Throughout my life, I have always been a seeker and a geeker. I love to geek out on topics of psychology, energy, spirituality and explore what it all means to me and how do I want to show up with it all. Psychology is far beyond what we know today and diagnosis, it is the way our brain functions and interprets life. Each person experiences life in a unique and personal way – we each have our own lens and no two lenses are the same. There may be similarities and that creates likeness, however; the very way we see color, here tones, interpret our inner world in reflection of the outer world – distinctly unique and it is fascinating to me!

As I move into deep reflection of this phenomena, it allows me to have more acceptance, compassion and appreciation of my fellow human being who are simply being human! It lessens the judgement and affords me to make decisions in a more loving way with myself as well as others. It gives me the space and freedom to show up in the most neutral way I possible can for you my clients – that’s the best part!

I am curious, what has your reflections been through the end of 2022 and in preparation of your direction for 2023?

  • Are there areas of your life you are challenged?
  • Is there a specific area of your life you would like to bring attention to and evolve or transform?
  • Is there something you just have not been able to get done on your own and you need support?

This month, I am launching a group service. Accountability & Empowerment Group. So many of us are smart, intelligible, good hearted, intended people and we have big dreams or hard habits that we want to break, good habits to elevate and goals that take a new version of self to achieve. That is what this group is all about and what a perfect month to start this group – January! This is not about New Year resolutions, in fact, I really do not want these intentions participating in this group. This group is about habits, actions/inactions, goals that has been in the effort/failure process for an extended amount of time and what they need is real accountability and empowerment!

I look forward to serving you my clients and the community in a much more dynamic way. I have not been able to utilize all the training and skills I have acquired in the last 4 years, and I have a deep well of life experience I bring to the table and want to utilize in a greater way with more impact. 

Elevation is my word this year! What is yours?

January Special:

$15 off 60 minute Clothed Bodywork

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Trauma Sensitive Bodywork

What to expect from Integrative Energy Bodywork and me as your practitioner

November 7, 2022

Thank you for your continued support and following what Leah DeLong, LMT RPP has been up to all theses years! Having started her practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist providing top quality and effective Medical Therapeutic Massage to returning to school and adding more high quality, high value service and modalities to expand the level of effective quality service and bring depth to her work.

Leah has always wanted her practice to be trauma focused. Her life experience and her journey has made her strive to create a practice that will elevate each treatment because she has personally spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in healing herself and had she had some of the tools she offers now, then, maybe her journey would not have been as painful and long.

This is Leah’s hope her desire to help women and children alongside their traditional treatment or after that traditional treatment has ended move it through the body. That is what her greatest lesson was with her trauma; all the modalities she received and worked through were through the mind and thought only. Leah’s approach in her energetic bodywork utilizing Cranial Unwinding, Polarity Therapy and Massage techniques and sound to guide clients through their own experience and deep internal journey of their life’s experience. This is a slow safe journey.  It is an unintrusive process working on body clothed and having therapeutic conversation that is thought invoking and bringing perceived beliefs, feelings to body awareness. Working one thing during a session and being mindful and measuring the nervous system to ensure clients are never outside of safe processing.

Clients are held without judgement, and are guided with curiosity in a way that allows the client to make sense, to make peace to find understanding to come to their own conclusions about their intention for the session. Sessions will meet the client rather it is playful, serious, deep water emotions or stoic. Client is always in control and held with great reverence for their courage to explore their life in the present.

Lastly, I would say if you are a seeker and strive to be the happiest and healthiest you can possibly be, then give this modality a try! My favorite part is you can share as much or as little about the actual thing as you want, we trace the experience through the body.

I am curious, are you able to be yourself fully in your life?“

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wild

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