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Infinitely - U Integrative Energy Bodywork

Create Explore Discover Expand & Transform

1801 S Jentilly Ln Tempe, AZ 85281  Ste. C9                                             Arizona License# MT-19053                                                                       480-553-2598​

Welcome to Infinitely-U Integrative Energy Bodywork, my name is Leah DeLong, LMT and I am excited to facilitate your session where we work together to Explore, Expand and Transform what is important to you. We do this through somatic conversation, sound, movement and bodywork. This work is convenient as there is no need to remove clothes and creates a trauma sensitive environment.

I am excited for clients to have the freedom to explore their connection of mind body and spirit and create a higher level of balance and awareness through utilizing skills I have learned and skills I have practiced throughout my life of awakening from what I thought life should be to the life that I created. Freedom is living with ones fullest authentic expression. 

Clients that will thrive in these services are:

  • Seeking a greater personal understanding and wisdom
  • On a journey of healing past wounds, events or experiences
  • In a crossroads of life or feeling stuck
  • Seeking to relieve pain.

The body is the ultimate truth teller of ones life, not just physical - emotion, mental and spiritual.  When there is disconnect, incongruancies and unfinished business in life - it will show up in the body - anger, sorrow, regret, unspoken personal truths, grief, heartbreak the positives will show up too, joy, love, contentment, vitality.  

"We all hold our own truths and answers in life, sometimes we need or want assistance in drawing out, defining or discovering those self evidences of truth we all hold and carry within. Self discovery is defined as “a becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, motives, etc. Through this awareness there is great freedom in intentionally being who we really are in our expression and actions in life." Leah DeLong, LMT 


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